Our Art

PropertyDIGITAL takes pride in providing a process to evaluate and perform every shoot we undertake.

Our process is developed over many years – with thousands homes photographed over this time – we have created a winning – photo process to outline sale process to help you with your home for sale.

We affectionately term this “The Art” of propertyDIGITAL.

The PropertyDIGITAL PAP (Photographic Assessment PROCESS)

We inspect the home on arrival assessing all the available light – external and internal – at the same time taking stock of each room and its positive attributes.

Don’t be surprised if we don’t start photographing your home right away. There is a reason for this – and it does make a difference to the result.

We assess specific room by room lighting overall and at the same time mapping out a path to capturing the flow of the home – maximising the angles – we need to plan our shoots – we use the homes natural lighting for daylight and fixture lighting for low light shoots to make the effect.. a mix of the right angles to make the difference.