Airbnb Photo

First impressions matter. Beautifully shot photos make your listing stand out and can help you get booked more often.

Feedback suggests that our imaging keeps your property booked more often….

Why professional photography?
Professional photos are great ways to add polish to your listing and showcase your space in search. Our photographers have plenty of experience working with Airbnb hosts. Their photos help guests know exactly what to expect, so they’ll have a great stay from the moment they arrive. With our extensive locations archive we can supply quality images of Perth metropolitan scenes to help sell your listings proximity to your potential clients.
What’s included?
Our photographer will spend around an hour shooting your space to get just the right shots.  Note that  the images will be sent your nominated email address, ready to use.  You can then rearrange them as you like and use them to showcase your place on Airbnb. Upto 40 images professionally captured and processed to airBNB standards – delivered to you next day – by DropBox – download link….
How much does it cost?
It’ll depend on how big your place is and where you’re located. Photographing a studio will generally cost less than a 5 bedroom home.
We’ll let you know what the total cost is after we know more about your place.


$220 inc GST – DAYLIGHT – $275 inc GST – TWILIGHT