Hughes Team – Realmark – North Beach

PropertyDIGITAL and the Hughes team go way back – over six years.

We were Andy’s first Realmark Customer.

At the beginning we had no dedicated photography service and the REMAX Realmark wasn’t the same Realmark it is today.

With the advent of the west colour ads and the introduction of Andy and PropertyDIGITAL to our business – we were able to help craft a identifiable look and feel to all homes listed – introducing cost effective photographics to help profile any listing – the service is worth more than we outline in our presentations.

We often see that the innovations that PropertyDIGITAL develop for Realmark are often copied by other photographers – but never equaled.

Andy has always introduced new services every year – contributing more and more to Realmark and the brand – and further strengthening our presence in the market.

Our entire office uses PropertyDIGITAL and so does all of Realmark for all listings – it’s a default for all listings – we wouldn’t have it any other way.