NEW – Matterport Virtual Staging

New Exclusive Service – Residential and Commercial


Matterport Virtual Staging Service

Add Furniture

By furnishing your tour you can change the entire feeling of a space. You change a house

into a home. Our provider has an extensive library that is continuously expanding.

You may decide to pick a style and we can dress the tour or you can supply a planning

document with style and references which we can match.

If you have your own 3D models then please get in touch as we can add your own bespoke

furniture to your tour.

Change floors and walls

Virtual staging does not have to begin and end with the addition of furniture.

Our provider can change floor materials, wall colours and even refit entire interiors.

Adding interior walls and in some cases removing existing furniture can be completed.

Please get in touch for these more specific requirements.

Part of the process

As part of the virtual staging process we can adjust panoramas to remove unwanted items.

Removal the Matterport / Scanning camera from views direct in mirrors or reflections.

 Addition of  skies, blur sensitive data and change the views from windows.

Do more!

By getting in touch with propertyDIGITAL you can begin thinking about Matterport tours

in an entirely different way.

You are no longer simply capturing reality, you can change it!


How do you stage my tour?

It begins with you briefing our team on the specific requirements for your staging.

You will need to transfer your tour to us, we will stage it and once complete, we will transfer

the tour back to you.

Tours need to be empty and unfurnished. If it is not, please get in touch as there is a certain

amount we can remove.

How Long does it take?

It can take as little as 48 hours. We have found the approval and design process can take longer.

However our tool set allows us to technically complete any project in hours.

Will you need my Matterpak?

As part of our staging process we have to download the Matterpak regardless if you already have it.

As part of our delivery to you, we will include the Matterpak.

What furniture do you have?

We have an extensive and constantly expanding library of furniture.

We will share furniture styles during the briefing stage and can often replicate your references.

Why the one off cost?

In order to stage a Matterport tour and edit the high resolution panoramas we have to prepare the

file and download all of the assets. This one off, upfront cost enables us to quickly stage of all

the scan points. All prices are subject to change during our beta launch.

Is it worth it?

We think so. Its the difference between an empty house and a home.

Sell a space, try out designs and amend the panoramas in a way you never

have been able to before.