Handy Hints Email To Customer Example

When you select to send the Handy Hints to your customer when booking a photo shoot they will receive the following message from PropertyDIGITAL on your behalf. This will save you some time and allow your customer to review the handy hints and help you get the best result for your listing. You will also receive a copy of the email sent to your customer.

The items contained within the {MERG_TAG} are merge tags that come from your form fields.

{form_title} = {PHOTO_SHOOT_TYPE: Day/Low-Light Photo Shoot}

Subject: {form_title} has been booked with PropertyDIGITAL

Hi {Clients Name (First):15.3}

This is an automated email from PropertyDIGITAL photography booking form.

{Name (First):2.3} {Name (Last):2.6} from {Agency Name:19} has just booked a {form_title} for your property with PropertyDIGITAL.

Requested Date: {Date:4}
Requested Time: {Preferred Time:6}

Here are some handy hints from PropertyDIGITAL. If you can please follow the handy photoshoot hints which will help the photographers take the best photos and help sell your home faster.

In fact, clients who stick to these hints get more online buyer inquiries.

Looking forward to seeing the results of the {form_title} from PropertyDIGITAL.

If you have any questions about the booking please contact:

{Name (First):2.3} {Name (Last):2.6}
{Agency Name:19}

We are looking forward to seeing your property,