HD Video

HD videos give your entire online presence energy & excitement!

With a background in Real Estate sales, we fully understand the importance and relevance of quality video presentations. From 1 bedroom apartments to million dollar mansions and everything in between, HD video doesn’t discriminate on property pricing or location as each production is equally creative and effective.

By having a 24/7 ‘Home Open’, agents and listings reach a far greater audience through various online sites and are more likely to be shared through numerous social media channels, giving the agent far greater exposure.

Our fully scripted productions are individually tailored to suit the style of the agent and property. You can have as much or as little input as you like, saving you valuable time to focus on what you do best…. Listing & selling!

We can also arrange for your photography to be completed at the same time, completely taking care of your entire online marketing campaign. But it doesn’t just end there….

We produce Market Updates – Agent Profiles – Interviews – Testimonials

Area Profiles and more all perfect for Social Media

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With a broad range of styles, we will customise each presentation to give you the greatest impact! We can provide voice-overs or a presenter for your unique ‘interview style’ presentation and we will fully script the presentation if you would like us to. We are totally flexible and will work closely with you to maximise the effectiveness of the production giving you and your listing, the greatest exposure. The choices are endless and we will customise a presentation to meet your vendor’s budget.

So what makes you different from every other agent? Our profile videos are a great way to get your message out there about who you are, what you do and how you have impacted on your clients lives. Each video is customised to your style and will showcase your enthusiasm, passion, work ethic and most importantly, why potential clients should choose you over the competition. Agent Profiles also add depth to your personal online and social media marketing.

A lot of purchasers (and owners) may be unsure of the facilities, lifestyle options and local news that are close to the area where they are buying. So what better way to include these in your presentations! We can also construct complete Area Profiles for you to send to your clients highlighting recent sales, current listings and also market changes. These are a great way to keep your past, present and future clients constantly informed on what is happening in the area and shows how in touch you are with local trends.

PropertyDIGITAL can also arrange to have your professional photography added to your video, completely taking care of your online marketing campaign for your listing. We can also complete twilight and/or aerial photography, adding extra punch to your presentation (added charges apply).

Pre-Listing videos are a great way to inform your potential vendors what you will be discussing at your listing opportunity. They can alleviate a lot of concerns and queries that vendors may have and show your professionalism and commitment to the client. Not only does the video let them know an overview of your presentation, but you can find out what’s important to them when they are employing an agent when you get there. Make sure your listing agreement is with you to sign them up when you visit!

With a complete range of video options, we can individually customise presentations for various forms of online and social media platforms. PropertyDIGITAL can help you formulate a complete digital online marketing package to suit your specific needs. Bring your ideas to life and put yourself at the top of your field.
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