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Ilija Mihalj  (9am – 5pm)

Andy Romano (5pm – 11pm) 7 days a week

To submit bookings information regarding your listing (changes to access / times)

taxmaps for aerials and Google Overlays and Video scripts inbound

ON IPAD DEVICES AND HARD TO READ – Pinch and zoom to view



Commercial Daylight – For Sale $135.00
Commercial Daylight For Rent – Small Commercial $99.00
Commercial Daylight For Rent – Larger Format $135.00
Daylight Premium – For Sale / Rent $220.00
Large Format Commercial (Price is determined after consultation)
Commercial Lowlight – For Sale / For Rent $165.00
Day to Dusk is an option $22 inc GST per image – We convert a day image to night!!
Commercial Lowlight – For Sale / For Rent – PREMIUM $275.00
Large Format Commercial (Price is determined after consultation)
Commercial – Front and Side Elevations – Daylight $77.00
We visit your property and capture front shots / side (approx. 5 Shots) extra to your campaign or base to your campaign
Commercial – Front Elevations – Lowlight $135.00
We apply our Day to Dusk processing to your Front elevations – (1 shot rendered included in the price of your selection) see for more information


$385.00 inc GST

Addon Half Price Video at $220 inc GST or 360 Discovery Tour for $110 inc GST
Video Tour / Walkthrough – Standard – Most sized properties – For Sale or Rent $330.00
All of our productions include quality music / pro audio / graphics including end titles and location – lifestyle footage to help sell the surrounding area – perfect for the overseas buyer. A 24/7 sales tool – always open to the buyer / Tenant – optional aerials available

Large Office Space Demonstration Video

Government Office – Rockingham – Mandarine Chinese Version

We can provide Script and/or international language voiceover options

Office – Showroom Demo – Fremantle

Video Tour / Walkthrough – Mini – Small Apartments / 1 Bed / Studio $220.00

360 Video Tours

First in WA – Escorted 360 Video Tour – The Towers at Elizabeth Quay

From $330 inc GST

Our first version tour – escorted and outlined by Josh Mezger – is truely amazing and you get the feeling that you are actually there. We released this version to social media – to rave reviews – feedback is generally great – long time coming for real estate in WA . Josh is available to present your listings on your behalf – knowing the 360 format – he can outline the property the best way possible ($110 per tour as addon) – or we can help you to become a presentation master for your own 360 tours… we can assist…

Aerial Addon (Discounted from our usual pricing) $250.00
Quality aerials to supplement your HD Video production
Lifestyle Video – Starting from $220.00
We produce small films to outline the features and ammenities close – further away and in the wider location – these are great to send to potential clients here in WA – Eastern States and Overseas
Market Updates – Cheaper with volume arranged From $660
Event Video – $CALL4QUOTE
Personal Profile Video From $880
Testimonial Video – From $330 – Let your best clients speak for you – powerful on social media – SMS’able
Sub-Division – Special presentation Videos From $880

Vacant Land / Undeveloped Property Profile Video

Features –

Google Earth Overlay Set (Value $135)

Onsite and Local Area / Lifestyle Images (Value $175)

Onsite and Local Area / Lifestyle Video (Value $220)

360* Stills (up to 3 in various locations) (Value $110)

All for $440 inc GST (a saving of $200 on RRP prices)

ADD on Aerial Stills (15+ images – 3 x overlays) and Video – $270 inc GST

Email to arrange your profile
AERIAL PHOTO / VIDEO (DJI Phantom 4 Pro / DJI Inspire 2 – x7 Zenmuse)
Photo Flight – Standard $250.00
First in WA with drones for Real Estate in 2008 – Full drone shoot including overlays. You avg. 15 images including 3 x overlays in our standard Red outline / Yellow Fill / Black Text for dimensions – or custom to your brand – We also capture nearby landmarks and provide pointers to these in relation to your property. We have lifestyle footage of various suburbs. We require a copy of Landtax and/or survey strata maps to complete your overlays.
Photo / Video Combo Flight $330.00
All the features of our Standard Flight – But with added video – 4K 60 Frames Per second – Inspire 2 / x7 / Cine lenses (Approx 5-10mins RAW video LOG / MP4)
EYE-VUE – Bring the background in closer….. $330.00
EYE-VUE is our premium offering – enabling us to switch lenses on our Inspire 2 aircraft X7 camera and shoot with a cine lens which brings the background closer – as if your eyes were up and seeing the view – perfect for coastal properties or close to Perth City. See for visual comparisons between standard drones – wide – and our EYE-VUE service.
Optional Standard Video Edit – For all aerial VIDEO ONLY products $110.00
Approx 1 hour of video editing – Graphics – Tailboard – Music – Basic location pointers – ($99 for fullmotion graphics points) – delivery of video ready for YouTube and Social Media via DropBox
Panorama 360 $CALL4QUOTE
Height Assessments $CALL4QUOTE
Capture the beauty of your property at a lower light time and from the air – Our contractor is endorsed to fly night operations past sunset – Your home really stands out at lowlight so why not get aerials at this golden hour and beyond
Copywriting – Visit Property $135.00
PropertyDIGITAL provides a reliable and efficient copywriting service – designed to help your agent concentrate more on the sale of your home – let us provide great copy to sell your home and at an affordable price. Our prices start at $110 inc GST for copy from photos service – $135 for visit to home. Our copywriting team works closely with your agent to build great communication to attract a wider audience.We visit the property and inspect features – also asking the vendor questions about the home – we will liase with your agent for specific information. Our 2 staff copywriters hold degrees in Journalism. We can provide copywriting via photographs and your information supplied – copy is delivered in Word Docx format – Next day by 9:00am WST. So, the objective of good content is to put forward a proposal in a way that matters to the visitor. Content should answer the question in the visitor’s mind: what’s in it for me. Great copy persuades the visitor to act.
Copywriting – From Information and Photos Supplied $110.00
To get your unique listing copy over email, simply supply to At least 3 images of the property (lower resolution can be accepted),The property address, number of rooms and bathrooms, Any special features, finishes or architectural elements you would like included in the wording; anything that makes the property stand-out, A floor plan, if available. Agents are welcome to supply further detail such as more images or the home’s history to receive more personalised copy. The copy is best used for online listings, but can also be used in marketing collateral. for examples
Virtual Furniture Rendering – Insert to Vacant Property / Per Image $55.00
PropertyDIGITAL offers a marketing solution for transforming vacant “for sale” properties into “virtually staged” homes that SELL! Photographs of a home online are the first impressions a potential buyer sees today, especially when viewing numerous properties for sale on real estate listing-based websites. We were one of the first companies to offer this service and our imaging partners are quality – using only scanned furniture pieces and offering a catalog for you to browse your furniture selections – Previously $99 / image rendered we have passed on a volume discount to you. All we need to go is the high resolution image(s) you would like processed.. We can rely on input from you and what you would like to insert into the shot(s) – or decor overall – our team makes great choices on their own – letting you get on with business…
Virtual Furniture Rendering – Digital Furniture Removal – Digital Restyle – Per Image $77.00
Our team can take your image(s) rooms with existing furniture – digital remove and replace with new digital styled furniture pieces – great if you want to freshen up presentation to bring buyers in….
Packages Available
Photoshoot / Daylight Standard – Virtual Furniture (Shoot – $135 / Furniture Renders per image $55) – SAVE $40
Photoshoot / Lowlight Standard – Virtual Furniture (Shoot – $175 / Furniture Renders per image $55) – SAVE $45
Virtual Dusk Processing – Per image rendered $33.00
Dawn ’til Dusk Photography, 7 days a week.Increase buyer interest – 90% of buyers start looking online where you only have a few moments to catch a buyer’s interest.Among the many specialist photography services that we supply here at PropertyDIGITAL, one of our most popular is dusk photography. Photographs taken during twilight hours of the morning and evening look fantastic and really give your marketing material a boost.Did you know that we are able to create a dusk image from a photo taken at any time of the day? You can shoot within your schedule and pick individual photos for the treatment.Virtual Dusk is perfect for apartments and townhouse developments. In fact, it often produces an even better result than actual dusk photography! apartment buildings with lights off at street frontage and commercial properties can benefit from our Virtual Dusk service.
Declutter Service / per Image Rendered $22.00
PropertyDIGITAL provides a cost effective service to assist with the presentation of listings for sale or for rent. Our team can retouch images to present them to perfection.Our photo retouching service is perfect for rental/sale properties where the home isn’t just right for presentation – Green swimming pools that are to be repaired prior to inspection but not ready at our shoot – cluttered rooms that need clearing digitally – front presentation for builders / property developers, where the front is very close to completion but not quite there yet – water pools on outside areas – the list goes on.. many scenarios covered…The service includes but not restricted to:– Remove objects / Declutter items– Remove personal objects / Clear floor– Remove Textile Wrinkles– Replace / Repair Grass*– Remove Garden Hoses / Remove Bins– Any other additional editing request – quote basis we will not retouch grass if the area is not completed prior to inspection – no misrepresentation.
Image Retouching – Per Image Processed $33.00
One Bedroom – $110 – Two Bedrooms – $220 – Three Bedrooms – $330 – Four Bedrooms – $440
Five Bedrooms $550 – 6 Bedroooms or More – $Call for Quote
MetaData Add ins (Per tag) – add in brand names of appliances etc – Become points to select from (5 included in scan) add each $11.00
360 Deg. Spins (Included in price – Up to 3)
A Matterport tour is more than 1000 words its Amazing
3D virtual tours are taking the world by storm and both residential sales experts and business owners all over the world attest to the value a 3D tour can bring to customer engagement.Buyers are 60% more likely to email an agent and 90% more likely to call an agent about a property listing they have seen on that includes a Matterport 3D showcase.According to research, 3D virtual tours show 4 times more engagement than standard video. Buyers spend at least 52% longer on listings that feature 3D virtual tours – the average time spent on a property listing on or Domain is about 1.5 minutes however properties with 3D virtual tours are seeing engagement rates of up to 6 minutes!The return rate for 3D virtual properties is 51%.Stand out from the crowd – the technology is here and now at your fingertips.Our satisfaction guarantee ensures that you will have everything you need to show your customers and clients an amazing virtual tour.

360 Deg. Discovery Tours from $220 inc GST


Standard GoogleEARTH Overlay Display $135.00
We pioneered GoogleEARTH Displays in 2007 – Great tool if the budget doesn’t extend to full Drone Aerials – giving you the opportunity to showcase your dimensions and property – plus Extra pointer display to show your property in relation to the wider area.
What you get….
We produce – 1 x close google map and place dimensions supplied by you or your agent and generate a overlay 1 x wide area map utilising the close map with overlay and dimensions in a pointer to your property in the area.. We also label nearby land marks – we produce a flat red – yellow fill – black dimensions map perfect for sign use of the internet
Exisiting Plan to New Edit / Draw
If you have an existing construction plan or marketing plan, simply email it to us and we will redraw the plan to make it easy for potential buyers to read and understand.
Standard Floorplan – Measure and Draw
If you are unable to get an existing floor plan, we can arrange a convenient time to go to the house and measure up to produce new marketing floor plans.​
$27 per additional 50 m²​ Within Perth Metro Area
3D Floorplans
If you are looking to highlight the unique features of a property or just to make a property standout from the rest, then we can produce coloured 3D plans.A copy of the Standard 2D house plan is automatically included with this option.​
Some properties may require a site plan to show development potential, detached buildings or something unique about the property. ​​Cost: Additional $33 to a Standard Floor Plan

If you want to showcase the site and the landscape we can add vegetation, pathways and other garden features to the Basic Site Plan.​Cost:​​ Additional $55 to a Standard Floor Plan

Colour and texture can be added to a Standard Floor Plan to show the floor finishes and enhance the Floor Plan​Cost:​ Additional $33 to a Standard Floor Plan

Furniture can be added to the floor plans to help potential buyers visualise how the house could be laid out.​Cost:​Additional $33 to a Standard Floor Plan: Additional $55 to a 3D Floor Plan

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – A strategic partnership – Perfect for our clients…

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