Alto Elevated Camera System

What we do?

pixelAIR and PropertyDIGITAL formed a partnership for the supply of  unique  quality aerial photography and multimedia in 2010 utilising rapid response hovering unmanned aerial vehicles.

We have the ability to capture high quality HD video and high resolution still images from 1ft AGL through to 400ft+ and in most weather conditions.

THE FIRST and ORIGINAL UAV Aerial Imaging Solution in WA


How we do it?

Our Aircraft are fitted with Sony handycams – front mounted on the aircraft to provide un obstructed vision stabilised.

the HD video is rated at 1440×1080 at HD.

Our pilot operates the UAV flight functions from our trnsmitter.

Our transmitter also allows for the control of camera operations live.

Our PILOT uses vision goggles to pilot the aircraft – our clients see the live vision on our viewing station on the ground.

This allows the perfect shot composition before the image is captured to the camera onboard. From there the images are provided onsite, – further processed with graphics which are then transmitted electronically.

Why use it?

Photography is a powerful marketing tool and information source. However, getting the right shot from ground level can prove frustrating even to the most seasoned professional!

A better overall perspective can be obtained by photographing a subject from an oblique angle. It conveys a three dimensionality that cannot be achieved with traditional aerial and ground techniques.

The image therefore allows more information such as relative size and layout to be displayed.

For property marketing purposes it also shows surrounding areas such as gardens, swimming pools, potential views, parking facilities – proximity to geographical landmarks etc.

We add in our google earth high resolution displays to really give a outline of where the property is located – a mix of local aerial and wide aerial – pointing to where the property is situated. Great for indicating nearby facilities / recreation / features to all prospective buyers locally nationally or internationally.


Our aircraft are electric ducted quadrotor Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). A unique amalgamation of state-of-the-art VTOL UAV technologies, pixelAIR aircraft combine the mechanical simplicity, low noise, stability and agility of a quadrotor with the compactness, safety and efficiency of ducted fans. With only four moving parts that are safely shrouded, the aircraft are low maintenance, easily transportable and rapidly deployable.


  • Our aircraft have highly optimised ducted fans, allowing the platforms to be less than half the size of a helicopter rotor, with the same lifting efficiency
  • Easily fly through doorways, down hallways and through tight spaces without risking a rotor strike


  • Ducts in the aircraft produce even more lift in forward flight, enabling both efficient cruise and high dash speeds
  • Differential fan thrust provides high control authority
  • Counter rotating fan pairs balance gyroscopic torques and eliminate dissymmetry of lift
  • By varying the fan speeds hundreds of times per second, Our aircraft are electronically actively stabilised
  • An exceptional attitude control system keeps the unit level and does not allow the pilot to flip the craft
  • No inefficient aerodynamic stabilisation mechanisms are needed
  • No complicated swash plates, tail rotors and control surfaces that need to be inspected and calibrated
  • Higher levels of autonomy such as altitude/position hold and way-point navigation are available


  • The pixelAIR system is the ultimate quiet UAV for any applications, producing less than 70 dBA at 3 meters and inaudible beyond 30 meters


  • Our airfcraft have only four moving parts with no assembly required, and a complete system fits in one case – Easily deployed and packed up after session


  • Way Point Navigation, auto-take-off and the Ground Control Station with its aerial map interface provide the PIXELAir aircraft fully autonomous flight


  • Front mounted cameras on the aircraft allow visibility over large elevation ranges, from straight-down to diagonally-up
  • Modular central payload mounts provide the flexibility to carry a variety of different camera modules


  • Our onboard video recorder or HD camera payloads, the video is recorded in high resolution onboard and utilises transmission noise-free post processing.


  • The PixelAIR system utilise electric propulsion which avoids engine fumes, fuel and heat
  • The durable monocoque airframes are manufactured using state-of-the-art engineering thermoplastic materials
  • light weight unexposed fans have very little stored energy, allowing the unit to be safely operated near people and within urban environments – max speed 60kmph

Key Operating Areas

  • Perth Metropolitan Area
  • Mandurah
  • South West and regional areas on request

Standard Stills Shoot Package: $220.00 inc GST

Overlay Shots

Measured and accurate View assessments (5m Second Storey – thru to 150M)

Proximity Shots

Single / Multiple Part Lots – Survey Strata – overlays created – fully notated dimensions and information

External Ground Shots

GoogleEarth Pointer Display

Complete Video Shoot Package: $330.00 inc GST

Overlay Shots

HD Video – With overlay graphics and a flight segment..

Measured and accurate View assessments (5m Second Storey – thru to 150M)

Proximity Shots

Single / Multiple Part Lots – Survey Strata – overlays created – fully notated dimensions and information

External Ground Shots

GoogleEarth Pointer Display

Commercial Applications

  • Time lapse photographs for building sites
  • Elevated photographs of large commercial and industrial properties
  • Photographs for builders and construction companies
  • Land developers
  • Site Surveys
  • Advertising agencies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Landscape Designers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Mariners
  • Local Authorities
  • Water Authorities
  • Conservation
  • Traffic and Road Surveys
  • Railways
  • Surveillance
  • Geology
  • Telecommunications
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Architects
  • and more….