PropertyDIGITAL provides a reliable and efficient copywriting service – designed to help your agent concentrate more on the sale of your home – let us provide great copy to sell your home and at an affordable price. – Our copywriting starts at $110 inc GST 

Our copywriting team works closely with your agent to build great communication to attract a wider audience.

We visit the property and inspect features – also asking the vendor questions about the home – we will liase with your agent for specific information.

We can also copy from photos and information you supply – great if you work outside of WA.

Our copywriter holds a degree in Journalism.

Copy is delivered in word doc format and available next day by 9:oo am WST.

Almost without exception websites are aimed at persuading someone to do something: to enquire, buy a product, volunteer their services, register to get a newsletter. Even if the purpose of a website is purely to inform and educate the visitor then getting someone to act and read, buy etc still comes down to one simple thing-good content resulting from good copywriting.

More often than not today people arrive at websites on purpose. Something they care about brings them there.

So, the objective of good content is to put forward a proposal in a way that matters to the visitor. Content should answer the question in the visitor’s mind: what’s in it for me.

Great copy persuades the visitor to act so you can readily understand why we see it as an essential part of your marketing campaign.

But good copywriting should not be restricted solely to the web.

In this fast-paced age when hundreds of messages compete for people’s attention at work or at play each and every day, good copy is pivotal to the success of press releases, advertising, product brochures- in fact anything that uses the written or spoken word.

Effective ad copy is a call to attention. Exceptional ad copy is a call to action.

Electrify your home marketing campaign with copy that evokes purpose and vision.

We also offer copywriting, content development and editing services for websites, online applications, and printed collateral.

Perth – or Australia wide we can service your copywriting needs….

For outside of Perth – To get your unique web listing copy, simply supply:

  • At least 3 images of the property (lower resolution can be accepted),
  • The property address, number of rooms and bathrooms,
  • Any special features, finishes or architectural elements you would like included in the wording; anything that makes the property stand-out,
  • A floor plan, if available.

Agents are welcome to supply further detail such as more images or the home’s history to receive more personalised copy. The copy is best used for online listings, but can also be used in marketing collateral.

See a example here for yourself