Building Your Brand Online

With an increasing number of online marketing tools, platforms, and advice from suppliers and consultants, one of the toughest questions for any principal is “how to build your brand online plus drive traffic to your website”.  With so many ingredients to this ‘recipe’ – (your website, portal sites, facebook, twitter, blogging, YouTube, video etc), the difficult part is bringing them all together in an organised, meaningful and measurable way so that they add value to your brand and not end up as ‘noise’.

While agency websites are being developed to accommodate some of these ingredients (social media, blogs, RSS feeds and video) they don’t always present in a way that adds the kind of value they should i.e. engage your audience longer, increase Google rankings, provide local, relevant information in a format that todays consumer wants plus provide a point of difference in your market.

There are some great solutions out there that aggregate this information, displaying them in a ‘video channel’ that sits adjacent to your website, is accessed directly from it (or a separate domain eg acting as a funnel to drive traffic back to your site and increasing your page rankings on Google.

The media companies are heading down this path already ( so as agents these video channels are something to seriously think about as part of your online strategy heading into 2011.