PropertyDIGITAL Joins Forces with Coptercam

Pixelair gives rise to Coptercam…

Our existing aerial services are now superceeded by innovative UAV aerial photographers – COPTERCAM..

Working alongside Perth’s only licensed UAV aerial photography company, we have at our disposal a fleet of 3 UAV aircraft capable of delivering high resolution photos up to 24 megapixel (6000 x 4000 pixels) using a digital SLR.

Full HD Video capability includes 1080P at 50 fps (broadcast quality) .  COPTERCAM have 3 UAV licensed pilots and camera operators, exceeding industry standards,  COPTERCAM also employs a commercial pilot license holder to ensure their aircraft are flown to the highest safety standards

This allows us to also take higher altitude photos to provide a wide field of view, or to do work in more remote locations.

Each COPTERCAM crew consists of a pilot and a camera operator to ensure photo quality and safety.

Our propertyDIGITAL graphics team puts together overlays – tags – graphics and designs to compliment all aerial packages.

All shots include our famous Google Earth Overlays and Pointer Displays ..

Your imagination is the only limitation.

Sample Video here…


or bookings team on 0424372994

Samples from recent shoots are available below.




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