Handy Hints Before the Shoot!! Download it today!

We innovated the process of presentation in homes prior to shooting back in 2005 – giving our clients a great start to marketing campaigns by actively adjusting homes to suit presentation – Less is more in most cases. It really made waves across the industry.

In April 2010 – we released this easy to follow guideline for all home preparation – to assist us to help you and your agent to make the most of your space and for us to strive to really “Capture the Sale”.

The hints came about after a year (2009) of hard to photograph properties and properties that were not presented at their best

We decided to pool together some ideas after consultation with clients and PropertyDIGITAL staff on the front line and some points to outline to clients to help stem the volume of difficult to shoot properties.

The information really helps to give your property a flying start before we get to photograph you biggest asset.

Download Here

We are always available on email at or on 0424372994 for advice on how to style your home and prep for sale.

Help us to help you make that higher perceived value statement and really get your property marketing off to a brilliant start.