Good Photography Pays…

The old axiom ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is worth keeping in mind when you are promoting your property for sale. In short, it pays to use a good photographer and cutting corners by taking your own images, could lose you money in the long term by reducing the amount of potential buyers whose interest in your property is piqued by the fantastic shots used in advertising it.

Let’s face it, we’re all time-poor. When we scroll through websites, or flick through the pages of a property section, we are going to be stopped in our tracks by a crisp, well-lit shot – not by grainy, poorly-angled ones.

A survey undertaken in the US by real estate agents indicate that 83% of buyers consider the photos in online sites as being “very useful” when they are weighing up the pros and cons of investigating a property further. That’s ahead of detailed property information, which came in second and virtual tours, which only 60% considered the most useful function. As one survey respondent noted: “I’m not interested in the details if I don’t like the look of a house.”

The survey also found that poor-quality, amateur photography not only makes the property look unappealing, it also means buyers think everything about the home is shoddy, including the owners and the company marketing it. Not a good idea when the aim is to get the best possible price for the home that you have most likely lived in and loved and now hope to realise a healthy profit from.

So when you are preparing the check list of what needs to be done before your home is put up for sale – sprucing it up, fixing any minor damage, giving the garden a weed and the lawn a mow – don’t forget to add good photography into the marketing campaign your agent will devise for you. It’s not a thousand words, but a few superb pictures that will make you thousands in return.