Does Sex Sell?

Creating innovative and fresh property advertising is all about thinking outside the square.Two agents on the Gold Coast have well and truly achieved this, pushing advertising boundaries further than before.

Neo Property principals Ian Adam and Adrian Jenkins took property advertising to unchartered waters with a risqué YouTube clip promoting one of their Gold Coast listings. It became an internet sensation, grabbing world-wide attention and thousands of views.

There’s no doubt that sex sells. It has been proven time and time again. But in terms of suggestive property advertising it all comes down to one factor – identifying with the target market for your property.

The key then is to produce content that is relevant to your target market. Who are they, how old are they, how do they consume media and what are their core values? Understand that and you are half way there.

Wrap that up in a video that that has a story behind it, draws on the heartstrings of clients, and promotes a property’s salient points and emotional features while taking the viewer on a journey completes the picture.

Something that we think ticks those boxes

(produced by our Media Partners in Melbourne) –

So while we know the concept of sex sells, applying that to property advertising will attract a market.  But is it the target market…?