People often say: “A photo is worth a thousand words.” However, the more accurate version of this very true statement is this: “A photo containing great beauty and the true representation of a person is worth a thousand words!”

Well exposed, professional-looking photos have the power to move a person emotionally, create a lasting impression, and communicate the quality of a product, business or property in a remarkable way. Simply put, you and your business need stunning photos to get the job done – and you and your customers should accept nothing less.

When capturing “Still Life”, staging and ideal lighting are important variables to a successful photo shoot. When capturing people, a sense of charisma – an unspoken, transparent connection between the camera and the subject – is required for a truly memorable result. There is a set of goals which can apply in every scenario, and we utilize professional skills as well as a universal connection to guide me for an outstanding result.

We offer fully digital equipment – wireless lighting systems – multiple backdrops and effects equipment to create a unique set of images.

You receive your images processed same hour after your shoot – ready to go to press/PR direct.

Most of the portrait photography work that we currently do is a supplement to a website design or print/graphic design project – to enhance the ultimate effect of the project and bring it to a top-notch level. we are, however, on occasion also available for photo sessions which are not part of another marketing package.  We utilize professional Canon / Elinchrom & Bowens digital photography equipment.

Why not call Susan Romano on 0449258686 or email to book your next solo or team shoot.