You in Action in HD

Our video profiles got a shot in the arm recently with the purchase of a wireless GOPRO Hero 2 system to allow us to get crazy footage to help us show you in your most active light..

These great cameras can go anywhere and fix to just about anything.

The ideas are endless to profile you in your life outside of Real Estate  – to let your customers see you in a different light…












As an example – if you surf – we add this to your session and we put the video into your profile.

The possibilities are endless. 8v)

Its a more personal approach to exposing you and what you do.

We are experimenting with new techniques with up and coming profiles booked – As they transition – we’ll give you a peek of them.

Check out for great ideas and let us know how we can make how you do what you do away form real estate part of your overall branding as part of a personal video profile.

to book your profile – email or order online at

Prices start from $330 inc GST

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