Drone Aerials – Day and Night

PropertyDIGITAL Imaging Group provides a specialised Real Estate Aerial Photography service for Perth via our aerial media partner – Precision FOCUS with the highest quality images and amazing value for money at $250 inc GST.

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We were the first company in WA to utilise UAV Drones in the Real Estate industry back in 2008. Things have changed dramatically since then.

We understand what is required to showcase your property and we know the importance of delivering your images promptly and without mistakes.

We do our best to ensure images are ready in time for the property listing. Aerial Photography is a great way to show proximity to schools, shops, parks and waterfront.

Our new EYE-VUE cine lens is very popular – making backgrounds that we shoot with this optical combination – compress down to bring the background right up – unlike our competitors who shoot on drones with fixed lenses making them less defined in the background.. See more about EYE-VUE here

Our images are some of the best in Perth and we provide a no risk guarantee. This means in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied we will re shoot the property for you at no additional cost.


real estate aerial photography

Extra high image to show proximity to harbor

with property highlight and pointer

  • 8 x Perspective aerial real estate photos to cover every angle
  • 3 x Low frontal photos **
  • 1 x Oblique photo
  • 1 x Top down photo
  • If we see a great angle we’ll capture it for you at no extra charge. For example a higher image to show the river better in the distance, an extra low image over the water to showcase a beach front property or a 2nd story view assessment *
  • 2 x Area overlay on images you choose, these can include pointers to show areas of interest
  • 1 x Full dimension overlay
  • Full high resolution images edited, cropped, color graded and looking fantastic
  • Copy of the images in lower resolution ready to upload to your website with your company watermark (Please provide your logo image in high resolution PNG format)
  • NO STRESS GUARANTEE – If you don’t like the images we’ll re shoot at no extra cost
  • Our aerial partners are ReOC holders and 100% CASA certified with $20 million liability cover

* If you require a view assessment please let us know at the time of booking.

** In some rare situations there may be a safety issue with capturing a specific angle. For example, a tree in the way will prevent us from getting low images at times.


CALL: 0424 372 994



Below is an example of a property we shot in Two Rocks showing all the angles you can expect in our Standard real estate package including overlays. Please note overlays can be customised to your needs using different colors etc to match your corporate brand.


PropertyDIGITAL provide additional services to further enhance your listings. Please call us on 0424 372 994 or to discuss costing.

  • Photoshop studio editing to remove unpleasant things from your images such as a big nasty skip bin
  • Multi level view assessments anywhere from ground to 120 meters
  • Shooting at sunset for that beautiful warm glow
  • Full motion graphics for overlays on properties and pointers for locations – text just doesn’t cut it anymore..
  • Fully edited real estate aerial videos
  • Panoramas
  • Interactive 3D Panoramas
  • Construction progress shoots
  • Area profile shots

Not convinced? Real estate ground photography has adopted low light photography and stunning images from high quality DSLR cameras because they sell properties.

You wouldn’t hire a photographer to take photos with a mobile phone on the cheap, would you?

Most sub 2kg drone operators use the drone equivalent of a mobile phone camera. We use large DSLR grade cameras in the air to capture something unique. If you are selling your property and are trying to set your self apart from a growing crowd.

contact us!

Aerial HD Video

Marcel and Andrew from Precision FOCUS are fully CASA certified and insured to provide aerial photography services in Perth Western Australia. Aerial drone photography sits in between ground photography and photography from a full sized aircraft to give a unique viewpoint from medium altitudes between 1 meter and 120 meters. At these altitudes drone photography has the advantage of being more precise, less intrusive, less expensive and safer than using a full sized aircraft. Because drone images are closer to the ground they are more detailed and more to the point than what a full sized aircraft can capture. The trade off is that we can not fly as high as a full sized aircraft. We provide a range of aerial photography services to suit most clients.

  • Aerial Photography
  • Aerial Video and Cinematography
  • Real Estate Aerial Photography
  • View Assessments
  • Night and Low Light Shooting
  • Aerial Interactive 360 Panorama and Virtual Tours
  • Construction Progress Photography
  • Aerial Inspection
  • Professional Video Editing and Production


PropertyDIGITAL and Precision FOCUS provide a premium real estate aerial photography service that captures the uniqueness of your properties. Aerial photography has already been proven to sell properties and has become common place in the industry.  Unfortunately bland low quality images and video have also become common place.Our point of difference is to provide a complete aerial real estate marketing service to provide you with stunning high quality images of your listings and locations as well as smooth dynamic video that will improve your brand and bring more qualified leads to your properties. Marcel will assess your locations and determine the best way to show case not only your properties but also their unique setting. With every suitable property we shoot, we will capture additional location shots to build a library  of images you can use to market your locations over time.Unlike others we use high performance cameras allowing us to shoot low light and even at night.  We complete the service by studio editing your photos to perfection and adding your own customised overlays.



We will give you a free 30 minute consultation to learn more about your business, the types of properties you specialise in and locations you cover. From there we will prepare an obligation free aerial photography marketing plan to sell more properties, boost your brand and give a unique advantage that will enable you to promote your brand and capture more high end properties.



Aerial location shots are a great way to show your buyers the area and facilities they will have access to if they buy a property. With our professional camera equipment we have the ability to take photos in stunning lighting conditions and lift them in post processing to grab a viewers attention. If you focus on selling property in a particular area; location shots make even more sense as they will make all your properties more desirable and you can use the location shots over and over each time you sign a new property in the corresponding area. Marcel will work with you in determining the best locations to capture. Often we can incorporate location shots into your property shoots so it costs you little to no extra. Our Interactive 360’s are another option to showcase premium locations


Our certified pilots are what sets us apart from other aerial photography companies in Perth. Our pilots have over 300 hours of commercial aerial photography and video experience each. We use only pilots with thousands of hours experience flying large RC helicopters for recreational purposes. Flying an RC helicopter manually builds to core of the skill required for competent drone piloting.

This level of experience means we can get you difficult aerial video shots like tracking moving objects in close proximity, flying between small gaps or under bridges that block the ability for a drone to stabilise itself. It also means we are one of the safest operators in Perth. We can fly competently without GPS or other flight aids. Marcel has a strong passion for photography. You will get perfectly framed shots every time, attention to lighting detail and creative input to assist in getting the best from your project.


Precision FOCUS use the latest in drone and aerial camera technology by pairing the proven Inspire 2 with the amazing new DJI Zenmuse X7. The huge super 35 sensor allows us to capture amazing low light still images to 24 megapixels and cinema quality video at up to 6K.

The large sensor allows us to shoot in difficult lighting conditions while bringing out vivid detail in even the darkest shaded parts of the image. DJI’s Zenmuse gimbals provide unmatched stability for video footage. The Inspire 2 can stay in the air for over 20 minutes and its compact efficient design means it wont be a big menace in the air creating a disturbance to the public.

The X7 camera has already been labeled the best aerial camera ever made. You can be sure your media will be captured in the highest quality available.


Precision FOCUS’s Inspire 2 aircraft are equipped with dual operator controls. This means the drone can be piloted by one person while a second person operates the camera. The camera can be rotated and tilted independently of the drone allowing the pilot to concentrate on flying safely and precisely while the camera operator captures the magic. While many simple shots can be captured with a single operator we recommend a dual operator team where complex shots are required or where there is a safety issue flying in close proximity to obstructions. Our pilot and camera operator duo have been working together for over three years. They have learned to communicate and work in unison and this is the key to our success.


We never just give you images straight off the camera, unless that is what you asked for, of course. All images are processed by a Photoshop guru back in the office to bring them to their full potential. You can be sure that every photo has a perfect horizon and is framed to millimeter perfection. Colours are vibrant and features are detailed and pop off the screen.

Our specialised real estate aerial photography package includes overlays and location highlights standard at no additional cost. We provide a full suite of studio editing services to create overlays for real estate and touch up and enhance images as required. PropertyDIGITAL can also edit your video to dazzle and engage your clients complete with special effects and 3D tracking of objects inside the vid


Precision FOCUS is small team of invested members so you get the same consistent high level of service every time. The person that records and processes your media today will be the same person that you deal with for your next job. We will never send a new inexperienced person out on a job so you get the “A Team” every time. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the images you receive we will happily re shoot them at no additional charge.


Precision FOCUS specialises in creating seamless aerial interactive 360 panorama. They allow a viewer to interact with an image and look around with complete freedom 360 degrees left to right and 180 degrees up and down. The viewer can zoom in on specific bits of the image and explore an area in a unique way.


We capture approximately 35 separate aerial images and process them into a seamless panorama image. The final processed image renders to an impressive 250 megapixels. At this resolution the viewer can zoom in on points of interest and see them in great detail. Below is an example we shot next to the new Perth Stadium. A viewer can click and drag to move around the panorama and scroll the mouse to zoom in on places of interest.


PropertyDIGITAL and Precision FOCUS produce aerial interactive 360 panoramas for a wide range of clients. They are perfect for real estate and property developers to showcase new sub divisions, tourist attractions to give an overview of an attraction, creating view assessments at multiple levels for a proposed building and showing progress of construction projects. They give a unique and engaging experience that never fails to impress the end viewer. PropertyDIGITAL will provide the stitched 360 panorama image in full resolution and publish it to the web. This makes it easy for you to link to it or embed the interactive 360 panorama your website. Marcel will include 12 months hosting for the image as part of the purchase. Marcel will provide a down scaled version that will upload to Facebook in a fully interactive form right on the time line.

Costing starts at $360 for the first scene. This includes….aerial interactive 360 panorama

  • Onsite visit to capture images
  • Processing and stitching images
  • Uploading and 12 months hosting
  • Digital copy of the full resolution stitched image
  • Digital copy of individual images
  • Digital copy of Facebook ready image

Savings are available for multiple scenes at the same location. Please contact us for a quote at the bottom of this page or call 0400 357 035.


Multiple aerial interactive 360 panoramas can be linked by a hot link inside the image. This enables a viewer to click a hot link and “fly” to a new location. Hot linking panoramas works well for covering large projects, projects in different locations or multiple height view assessments.