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The Benefits of Professional Copywriting

Do you have trouble turning your creative marketing ideas for properties into words? Can’t find the right phrases to describe a sale property? Writing is not your expertise? You should hire a professional copywriter to assist in conceptualising innovative advertising copy. Whether it’s a multi-million dollar mansion or one-bedroom inner-city apartment, there is always a… Read more →

Building Your Brand Online

With an increasing number of online marketing tools, platforms, and advice from suppliers and consultants, one of the toughest questions for any principal is “how to build your brand online plus drive traffic to your website”.  With so many ingredients to this ‘recipe’ – (your website, portal sites, facebook, twitter, blogging, YouTube, video etc), the… Read more →

Getting the best out of video

We have seen a significant increase in demand for property video tours across all markets in the last 6-9 months which is an extremely positive trend. Online video is not a new marketing tool as it has been available to agents for 4-5 years now, however it is only recently that the value of video… Read more →

Price vs quality when it comes to photography

When looking to engage the services of a professional photography company to help market your business, you need to think more broadly about what you are trying to achieve. What is right for your vendor, what is right for your market and what is right for your brand? Don’t skimp on cost at the expense… Read more →