360 Degree Video and Stills Tours

A revolution in 360 Deg 5.7K video – High resolution HDR Stills for tours

We have researched a number of solutions for real estate use – focussing on the US market and how they have embraced new 360 deg. technologies. US realtors are turning to 360 cast companies to deliver great 360 deg. content – but as our service grows we will upgrade to the commercial 360 camera in the range.

Totally immersive – this technology has been it since October 2018 – ad we have been watching its growth – and now decided to invest in a small way to facilitate great content. Reducing cost and eliminating laborious tasks to scan with a larger camera that needs constant monitoring – our 360 Camera is simple to use and takes less time to scan each image – down from 2 minutes on the Matterport Camera now to 3 seconds – all these factors influence the price of the service. A big saving for you. Prices start from as little as $220 inc GST


DISCOVERY 360 Tour – From $220 Inc GST

A new Tour type – the DISCOVERY 360 Tour.. showcase not only the property but common areas in building and/or nearby attractions…


The original 360 tour type – still very popular with developers and agents alike. – The Matterport 3D solution provides a top down floorplan view plus its exclusive “Dollhouse” 360 Deg. rotation model to select your viewing point.


$110 for 1 bed / Studio apartment

$220 for 2 Bedroom Home

$330 for 3 Bedroom Home

$440 for 4 Bedroom Home

$550 for 5 Bedroom Home

6 and above bedrooms $EMAILTOQUOTE

Heres a demo of a 360 still captured on a block of land at 16-18 Brand Street Morley – Jan Di Rosso – Ray White Uxcel

Click the word “Fisheye” through to “Normal” for the best play

Other uses:

with 360 Video Tours within homes – you’ll have the ability to address your buyers walking and interacting with each room pointing out features – your audience will follow you.

Market updates – We shoot you in a local area – in a cafe – anywhere – you can deliver your content and the audience is right there beside you.

Suburb Profiles – Car mount to discover streets in 360 degrees and walking though the local area with you in control of what you see.

and more….

Come to us with your ideas – we would love to help you make them come to 360 degree life.