360 Degree Video and Stills Tours

A revolution in 360 Deg 5.7K video – High resolution Stills

Today marks a new chapter in 360 Degree Video and Stills services for propertyDIGITAL – purchasing the first of many 360 degree Video/Stills cameras for Real Estate applications. We will shortly update all photographers with these cameras.

We have researched a number of solutions for real estate use – focussing on the US market and how they have embraced new 360 deg. technologies. US realtors are turning to 360 cast companies to deliver great 360 deg. content – but as our service grows we will upgrade to the commercial 360 camera in the range.

Our focus will be primarily Auction outlines – setting a camera in a central position to allow for a live broadcast of up to 1 hour of your auction – the audience having the ability to join in and instantly use a mobile to rotate in all axis around the action – or grab the screen and rotate the video – all in 5.7K quality.

Totally immersive – this technology has been it since October 2018 – ad we have been watching its growth – and now decided to invest in a small way to facilitate great content.

Heres a demo of a 360 still captured on a block of land at 16-18 Brand Street Morley – Jan Di Rosso – Ray White Uxcel

Click the word “Fisheye” through to “Normal” for the best play

Other uses:

Tours within homes – you’ll have the ability to address your buyers walking and interacting with each room pointing out features – your audience will follow you.

Market updates – We shoot you in a local area – in a cafe – anywhere – you can deliver your content and the audience is right there beside you.

Suburb Profiles – Car mount to discover streets in 360 degrees and walking though the local area with you in control of what you see.

and more….

Come to us with your ideas – we would love to help you make them come to 360 degree life.

We are working on pricing at the moment and Auction Broadcasts will be in the vicinity of $330 to $440 per auction and can also arrange a full HD video profile of that day you have worked so hard to promote for a additional fee.,

We will will also include FREE stills of al the action of the day for your marketing.

Pricing to be finalised shortly.

Home tours pricing will be finalised shortly…..